Kevin Chambers - Reaching for the Stars  

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About Us

This site is dedicated to Kevin Chambers and his family.  Kevin is the eldest son of Tara and Don Chambers and brother of Brian
Chambers.  Kevin grew up in Hopedale, MA at the baseball fields as well as the hockey rinks in the surrounding communities.  He
is the young person with the warm smile and personality to match.  When you went to the baseball field he was there along
with his entire family…all of the time.  Why all the time…?  Because his mother and father spent countless hours donating
their time along with others to coordinate and run a very successful, instructional, and fun program for the children of
Hopedale.  Kevin attended Hopedale Elementary School and graduated in 2002 from Blackstone Valley Technical High School
in Upton, MA where he studied to become a plumber.  After completing high school Kevin started his apprenticeship as a
plumber and was working with R. A. Plumbing.

August 19, 2007 while at the home of a friend, Kevin suffered a severe spinal cord injury from diving into a pool which resulted in
paralysis.  Given the severity of his injury and the enormity of this lifelong financial expense, Kevin’s family, friends, and Hopedale residents are coming together to help in any way they can.  Various fund raising events have been planned for the coming months
sponsored and manned by these volunteers.  The purpose of this site is to support those efforts by publicizing upcoming events
and to serve as a communication medium for those assisting in fund raising efforts.