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Little Victories

Little Victories

This is a song by Bob Seger. I have edited a few of the words

When your body up and leaves you

Up and leaves you flat

Don't you laugh my friend sometimes it happens just like that

First you feel the anger then the sorrow will soon take control

And there'll be hard times for sure

Long cold lonely nights

It might not sound like much

But it'll mean a lot you'll see

Every hour you survive will come to be

A little victory

Little victory

As you struggle through each day

Each strange new day

Feelin' lost and wounded tryin' hard to find your way

Seems like there is no one to talk it out with

Learnin' how to sleep

Overcomin' each new doubt

Tryin' hard just to accept it all

Everytime you take a punch and still are at ease

Little victories

Little victories

And when night falls and everyone is sound asleep

The cruelest time of all and not one sound

Listenin' to the wind blow

Listenin' to the tickin' of the clock

Tryin' hard to forget

Tryin' hard to just accept it all

As you go out in the night take a lesson from the trees

Watch the way they learn to bend with each breeze

Little victories

Everytime you make it through

It's another little victory

Day by day minute by minute

Little victories

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